The National Title I Association

The National Title I Association is dedicated to improving and implementing the Title I program so that more children reach their academic potential. The Association provides educational leaders at the state and local levels with the opportunity to work together to share ideas on effective and innovative programs, identify problems and solutions, and represent the needs of Title I families.

Meet or Exceed High Academic State Standards

The National Title I Association is a membership organization made up of the Title I Directors, and their staff from each of the states and territories, charged with managing their state Title I program. They ensure compliance with federal regulations, but more importantly work to see that all children — especially those living in economically disadvantaged conditions — have the opportunity to receive a high quality education.


Individuals working in Title I at the local level, or interested in Title I in general, may maintain a user account on this website. While this does not provide membership in the Association, it does allow specialized access to information and activities offered by the National Title I Association. Currently, more than 13,000 such website users participate regularly.

Membership in the National Title I Association

The National Title I Association provides a range of information and professional development services to its members.

Membership Structure
All membership categories require payment of annual dues and provide a membership for one individual representing their State Education Agency (SEA) for a period of 365 days. Memberships “belong” to the agency and may be transferred to another authorized individual at no cost during the active period, as necessary to accommodate staffing changes.

Membership Categories

Active Members  $299 annual dues
Each state may have two SEA-selected Active Members who work in or supervise the Title I program at the state level. The first is most often the State Title I Director and the second may be any other SEA staff with direct Title I program supervision.

Associate Members  $299 annual dues

There is no limit to the number of Associate members each state may have.  With the approval of a state’s Active Member, individuals who work at the SEA level may select Associate Membership.

Membership Benefits
Members of the Association enjoy many benefits, including:

    • Participation in semi-annual membership meetings with the Office of State Support at the U.S. Department of Education
    • Complimentary subscription to Title I On Demand video programming
    • Access to the Members-Only section of the website, including special information, publications, and resources
    • Special updates from our Washington DC-based government relations team
    • More lenient cancellation and refund policies for all paid Association events
    • Invitations to special meetings and webinars
    • Networking opportunities with your peers across the nation

In addition, Active Members may:
    • Cast their state’s vote on membership issues
    • Run for and hold office in the Association
    • Chair Association committees
    • Annually nominate two schools as National Title I Distinguished Schools

For additional information about becoming a member of the National Title I Association, contact:

Jeri Erickson — Member Services Director