Fiscal Management - There's More to This Than Money!

Thursday February 8, 2018
10:00 - 11:30 AM
Room 122

Fiscal management requires an understanding of regulations and requirements, strong system of controls, defined responsibilities, and ongoing monitoring. Oftentimes, a small staff ensures that the funds awarded will be carried out to meet the goals and objectives of Title I. Budget development, guidelines and procedures, cross-departmental collaboration, implementation, and monitoring of the program can be successful when starting with the end in mind. This session will explore best practices, strategies, and tools for effective fiscal management and how it allows building leadership to focus on their instructional and operational responsibilities instead of the complexities of regulations and fiscal management. Adopt or enhance an existing process based on the information and resources provided to ensure that funds are utilized for the greatest impact that meets the needs and address the barriers that may impede a student’s right to learn.

classroom leaders
fiscal issues, program collaboration & coordination