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Teaching Backwards: Using Data to Drive Instruction

In this session, led by educators, listeners will learn the value of using data to effectively utilize the process of backward planning and differentiating instruction. The team from Kekionga Middle School focus on the data collection process that has been proven to increase student performance. The group will share strategies and processes to create valuable and reliable assessments. Listeners will walk away with valuable resources for goal setting and planning to be used by both teachers and students.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Carrie Curry

For the past 2 years Carrie has supported classroom teachers in grades 6-8 and has had the opportunity to work with teachers on their specific data and planning strategies. Carrie has worked closely with the 6th grade team to develop and enhance the backwards planning and data collection strategies that they currently use. Since teachers have implemented these strategies Carrie has noticed significant progress in student performance.

Abigail Cox

Abigail has first hand experience utilizing backwards planning and data collection in the classroom. Student progress in the classroom has proven this method to be highly effective.

Jennifer Mable

Mrs. Mable has been a principal for 11 years. During her leadership terms, she has led teachers to be successful at using backward planning and data to drive instruction and see results with their students.

Jennifer MIller

Jennifer has experience working with school-wide data and has given great focus to the gains made in 6th grade. After witnessing the significant progress the 6th grade team has made with student performance, Jennifer hopes to implement the team's strategies throughout the grade levels.

Shannon DePrey

Shannon has first hand experience utilizing backwards planning and data collection in the classroom. She has proven results of student success by utilizing this method.