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Engaging the WHOLE Community with Technology
Presenters: Joni Carswell
Today’s technology can be overwhelming for parents and educators alike, but it doesn’t have to be! This session will focus on using technology to help build trust and partnership within school
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Engage and Accelerate: How a Blended Solution Moves Struggling Readers to Grade Level
Presenters: Melanie Cox
LANGUAGE! Live, a comprehensive literacy solution, reignites students’ desire to learn by using proven, motivating learning strategies to promote academic achievement. By combining foundational
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How Technology Can Help Find the Math Genius in Every Child
Presenters: Junaid Mubeen
Every child is a math genius…they just don’t know it yet. But with digital learning technologies, that’s all about to change. In recent years, adaptive math tutors have arrived with the promise
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The Future is Now: Foundational Skills and Adaptive Technology
With over 25 years of gold standard research, all schools of American reading philosophy bow to the truth that early literacy experiences have a sizable impact on later outcomes and therefore deserve
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Navigating the Shift to Digital Learning: Leveraging Federal Funding Sources
Presenters: Christine Fox Gayle Pauley Russ Sweet Carla Wade
Are you meeting the needs of digital age students in your school or district ? What does collaboration between Title I and digital leaders look like in your state? In this session you will learn
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Title IV, Part A
Presenters: Paul Kesner
This presentation will provide an introduction to the Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants (SSAE) (Title IV-A) Non-Regulatory Guidance. The session will describe (1) the role of the State
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High Performance Learning Teams to Accelerate Achievement
Presenters: Tammy Devlin K. Lynne Mainzer Helda Morad Tiffany Uhlig
This multi-media, interactive session presents key elements for implementing High Performance Learning Teams that accelerate achievement within a school-wide Title I school. Presenters describe
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Digital Tools Can Transform Teaching and Learning
Presenters: Robyn Griffith Suzanne Sallee
In today’s global society, students have immediate access to knowledge and the ability to learn anywhere. School districts are investing more in 1:1 initiatives and digital learning opportunities.
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Technology + Innovation = Technovating in Schools
Presenters: Shawn Berry Clark Brady Venables
Schools and districts often use Title I funds to increase access to technology, yet the professional development rarely goes beyond teaching how to use tech devices as expensive pencils. The digital
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Blended Learning: Tool for Turnaround in an Urban High School
Presenters: April Snodgrass Susan Kessler Bradley Meyers

Meeting the diverse needs of the learner is paramount to successful teaching and learning. Through the blended learning approach, a new type of learner is reached, the technological learner. The

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iCommunity: iLearn, iShare, iConnect
Presenters: Valerie Young Hampton Conway Meri Robinson Terri Jefferson Christina Jerome

This presentation shows how the Title I Office tripled the parent participation from its Fall 2014 iCommunity to the Spring 2015 iCommunity event. iCommunity is a Title I Parent and Technology

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Breaking the Mold: The New and Improved Title I High School
Presenters: Kim Wilson

Listeners will learn how a large high-poverty high school implemented the following programs to transform the high school experience for all stakeholders while improving academic outcomes for

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Powering Up Technology: A Blueprint for Implementation of RTI
Presenters: Tracy Broccolino Judy Campf

Discover how winning strategies in an online environment can be adapted to differentiate instruction in your classroom! Two experts in the field including the Director of Instruction and

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Improve Your School Culture and Climate While Increasing Attendance, Attitude, and Achievement
Presenters: Robert Kirton

This session provides evidence-based solutions and hands-on knowledge for improving your climate and culture around the challenge of increasing attendance, attitude and achievement. Dr. Kirton

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Circle the Wagons: Blending Technology Into the Reading and Writing Classroom
Presenters: Katie Wilson Jo Rohde Jeremy Horstman

Blended learning has been popular in the math and science classroom for a few years, but the English classes have lagged behind in adapting lessons, with test scores showing this. Our session is

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Storytelling in the Digital Age: Making a Difference in the Lives of Children
Presenters: LeVar Burton

Host and executive producer of the beloved Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton has long been an advocate for children’s education. Highlighting innovative uses of storytelling and digital learning,

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Education's Possibilities and What If's
Presenters: Milton Chen

Global changes, together with research informing how children learn, are creating new possibilities for education. Today, we can imagine a new learning landscape of opportunity for all children.