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Moving with Math® RTI Solutions: Proven Successful by Jersey City Public Schools, NJ
Presenters: Sean Healy Amy Johnson Caryl Pierson
Students attending the 38 Title I Schools of Jersey City Public Schools are increasing their math achievement and finding success in math everyday using the Moving with Math® RTI Solution! Discover
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Square Panda’s Phonics Playset: Improving Early Literacy Outcomes in Title 1 Schools
Presenters: Vera Blau-McCandliss Andy Butler
Square Panda phonics playset is designed for adoption by elementary schools to enhance student engagement in early reading and teacher engagement in student progress. This novel technological product
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Why Do So Many Students Struggle to Read? Is Instruction Aligned with How Brains Read?
Presenters: Dee Tadlock
Learn about constructs from neuroscience that offer a plausible and well-researched explanation as to why so many students have reading problems and the implications for instruction. The concepts
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Engage and Accelerate: How a Blended Solution Moves Struggling Readers to Grade Level
Presenters: Melanie Cox
LANGUAGE! Live, a comprehensive literacy solution, reignites students’ desire to learn by using proven, motivating learning strategies to promote academic achievement. By combining foundational
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It's All About the Base: Tier 1 Instruction Best Practices
Presenters: Connie Hamilton
The biggest impact on achievement occurs when we focus on the base of the pyramid. This session will provide direct instruction on quality Tier 1 strategies that model engagement, questioning,
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The Future is Now: Foundational Skills and Adaptive Technology
With over 25 years of gold standard research, all schools of American reading philosophy bow to the truth that early literacy experiences have a sizable impact on later outcomes and therefore deserve
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READ: Read, Eat, and Discover
Presenters: Julia Cowell B.J. Granbery Stephen Sye
In 2014, the National Title I Association and the International Literacy Association (ILA) engaged in a partnership to develop a pilot program called Read and Feed. This community-based program
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THE MATH PARTY: Sing! Dance! Exercise! Learn!
Presenters: Stephanie Pasley Derrick Henry
Learn to incorporate MATHEMATICS with MUSIC and MOVEMENT! The Math Party session encompasses dance and exercise routines that are infused with mathematics instruction. The multi-sensory concept of
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Navigating the Shift to Digital Learning: Leveraging Federal Funding Sources
Presenters: Christine Fox Gayle Pauley Russ Sweet Carla Wade
Are you meeting the needs of digital age students in your school or district ? What does collaboration between Title I and digital leaders look like in your state? In this session you will learn
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High Performance Learning Teams to Accelerate Achievement
Presenters: Tammy Devlin K. Lynne Mainzer Helda Morad Tiffany Uhlig
This multi-media, interactive session presents key elements for implementing High Performance Learning Teams that accelerate achievement within a school-wide Title I school. Presenters describe
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Developing Local Teachers as Innovative Leaders of Change in Chicago Public Schools
Presenters: Nia Abdullah Olimpia Bahena Margery Ginsberg Jessica Kertz
Through video clips and panel discussion, this session shows how educators in a dual-language (Spanish & English, PreK-8) and a South Chicago neighborhood high school are raising academic achievement
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Using a Comprehensive Needs Assessment of Distributed Leadership for School Improvement
Presenters: Mark Blitz Betsy Schroeder Mary Jo Ziegler
Effective school leadership is a critical factor to improve student learning. However, effective school leadership involves more than the principal. This session will present a project developed with
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Camping Out: Successful Intervention Plans for “At-Risk” Students
Presenters: Angela August Trish Stoll
Presenters will guide participants through the steps for setting up and conducing a “camp” style intervention program using data and research-based strategies to address the five essential
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Student Engagement for Today and Tomorrow
Presenters: Daniel Jocz
What does instruction look like in a 21st century Title I classroom? How are educators ensuring equity, access, and success for all students? Daniel Jocz will share his innovative instructional
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Helping Teachers Help Paraprofessionals Help: Leveraging Instructional Support
Presenters: Kelly Gillespie
• Do you want to leverage the capacity of paraprofessionals to support excellent teaching? • Ready to help paras discover their untapped potential? • Are you striving to maximize the resources
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Key Strategies, Practices, and Policy for Successful School Turnaround in Priority Schools
Presenters: Erica Champagne Brett Lane Susan Therriault Amanda Trainor
Despite largely mixed reports about the impact of School Improvement Grants (SIGs) on school improvement nationwide, Massachusetts has experienced proven success with these grants. Massachusetts’
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Music - The Key To Your School's Successful Turnaround
Presenters: Stephen Oliverson Aubree Oliverson
Award-winning principal Dr. Stephen Oliverson offers pragmatic ideas and solutions to help school administrators and teachers completely change how they think about the benefits of music and arts
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Digital Tools Can Transform Teaching and Learning
Presenters: Robyn Griffith Suzanne Sallee
In today’s global society, students have immediate access to knowledge and the ability to learn anywhere. School districts are investing more in 1:1 initiatives and digital learning opportunities.
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Technology + Innovation = Technovating in Schools
Presenters: Shawn Berry Clark Brady Venables
Schools and districts often use Title I funds to increase access to technology, yet the professional development rarely goes beyond teaching how to use tech devices as expensive pencils. The digital
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Jefferson Elementary: A Title I Success Story from Rural South Carolina
Presenters: Melanie Allison Andrea Garrison Omoro King Julia McKenzie
A small elementary school emerging from being in "school improvement" to receiving the 2014 South Carolina Title I Distinguished School for Performance Award will share their success story. Jefferson