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Literacy Draws Upon Art
Presenters: Cheri Sterman Kelly Schofield

This session helps educators explore how art and literacy are intrinsically linked. We analyze the written and visual literacy parallels and align the Common Core and new Visual Art Standards.

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The Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) Program and Title I Success in the Common Core
Presenters: Stanley Pogrow

The HOTS project is the longest running thinking development Title I intervention. For over 30 years it has served approximately 2,600 schools and half a million Title I students in grades 4-8 as

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The Effects of Arts-Integrated Education on Title I and Students in Low-Income Families
Presenters: Linda Gohlke Ivonne Chand O'Neal

Interest in the effects of arts-integrated instruction is gaining momentum. Three examples of how evidence of this work is manifesting in schools are discussed. The Kennedy Center’s research is

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Disrupting Poverty: How High Performing Schools Do It
Presenters: William Parrett Kathleen Budge

Much can be learned from schools that have helped their students overcome the powerful and pervasive effects of poverty. Join the discussion based on the award-winning, best-selling ASCD book,

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MINDSET, RESILIENCY, AND GRIT: 3 Keys to Unleashing the Potential of Under-Resourced Youth
Presenters: Tara Brown

We are products, not prisoners, of our past. This fast-paced humorous,

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Ensuring Effective Interventions for All Students
Presenters: Amy Wise Trey Duke

The Rutherford County School system remains committed to ensuring all students are provided with timely, direct, and assessment-driven interventions to improve student success. In this session, we

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A Proven Way to Improve Your School Climate and Significantly Improve Academic Achievement
Presenters: Lorraine Trollinger

Creating and sustaining a school climate with clearly defined rules and consequences coupled with recognition for positive behaviors leads to the following: increased student positive behavior;

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I Know My Just Right Number! Do You?
Presenters: Susan Hildebrand

Help your K-2nd graders and your 3rd- 4th struggling learners by finding their “Just Right Number” to develop number sense with conceptual understanding and fluency while using differentiated

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The Middle School Quality Initiative: A Comprehensive Approach to Improving YA Literacy
Presenters: Pilar Ramos Jenna Shumsky

Strong literacy skills are a prerequisite to high school and college success, yet 70% of middle school students nationwide scored below proficient in reading achievement according to the most

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Unlock Every Gate to Graduation! The Case of the Cheyenne 200 Mentorship Program!
Presenters: Zachary Robbins Jane Gibson Javonna Underwood

Graduation is the gate on the pathway to prosperity, but for credit deficient, non-proficient high school students, that gate appears closed, locked, and seemingly immovable. That is until

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Opportunity is Knocking: Closing the Gap Through Home Visiting
Presenters: Donna Kirkwood Amber McEnturff Eby

Those school districts trying to close the achievement gap increasingly recognize that the gap begins well before children enter kindergarten. Programs such as Home Instruction for Parents of

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Increasing College Graduation and College Match for Students from High-Poverty Communities
Presenters: Beverly Singletary Ned Blake Yvonne Scott

This session describes how students in a historically high-poverty, low-performing high school were inspired, supported, encouraged, and guided through a year-long college admissions and financial

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Read & Feed - Nutrition for the Brain and Body
Presenters: Stephen Sye Gerri Settoon Aretha Eldridge-Williams B.J. Granbery

In 2014, the National Title I Association and the International Literacy Association engaged in a partnership to develop a pilot program called Read and Feed. This community-based program combines

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IDEAs that Work: Preparing Students with Disabilities for Success
Presenters: Ruth Ryder Christine Pilgrim Jana Rosborough

School systems across the nation work to implement rigorous academic standards and prepare diverse learners for success both in the classroom and after graduation.  Students with disabilities

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Family Engagement: Promising Practices for Bringing the Framework to Life
Presenters: Samantha Cohen Laura Wilson Phelan Libby Doggett

Session leaders introduce promising practices linked to the Department of Education's Dual-Capacity Building Framework for Family-School Partnerships. These include practices for creating

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Addressing the Needs of English Learners: A Discussion on EL Guidance and EL Toolkit
Presenters: Marianna Vinson Alejandro T. Reyes

Viewers will have an opportunity to learn about and discuss the English Learner Guidance and EL Toolkit recently released by the Department of Education. Presenters outline the EL Guidance and the

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Achieving Academic Excellence for African-American Males
Presenters: Effie McMillian Brooksie Broome

Through a racial equity lens and research-based best practices, Guilford County Schools, a Title I district, is addressing the achievement of males of color. During this presentation, viewers will

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Powering Up Technology: A Blueprint for Implementation of RTI
Presenters: Tracy Broccolino Judy Campf

Discover how winning strategies in an online environment can be adapted to differentiate instruction in your classroom! Two experts in the field including the Director of Instruction and

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Black and Latino Male Achievement: Four Strategies You Can Implement Now!
Presenters: Mychal Wynn

This session outlines four specific, proven, and current operating strategies for engaging Black and Latino males in elementary through high school. The four strategies cultivate literary

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Improve Your School Culture and Climate While Increasing Attendance, Attitude, and Achievement
Presenters: Robert Kirton

This session provides evidence-based solutions and hands-on knowledge for improving your climate and culture around the challenge of increasing attendance, attitude and achievement. Dr. Kirton