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Read & Feed - Nutrition for the Brain and Body

In 2014, the National Title I Association and the International Literacy Association engaged in a partnership to develop a pilot program called Read and Feed. This community-based program combines volunteer-led reading and literacy instructional programs with existing Title I school vacation-based food programs to improve student reading and literacy skills as well as foster parental engagement. Initially piloted in Illinois and Louisiana, this program now also includes Missouri. Title I Directors in each state work with ILA chapter representative within the state to identify Title I Schools to launch the program. Learn how each of these states have incorporated this program into their literacy activities and how you could develop a Read and Feed program in your state as well.  

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, TX
Stephen Sye

During his tenure with the ILA (formerly International Reading Association) Stephen has forged a number of successful partnerships to advance Literacy with organizations such as First Book, American Basketball Association, Title I Association, Delaware Department of Education, and numerous others.

Gerri Settoon

A former principal, assistant principal, and director of elementary education, Gerri has been active in improving literacy outcomes for students her entire career.  She served as president of the Louisiana Reading Association for 2009-2010.

Aretha Eldridge-Williams

Aretha is a recently retired principal of the Jefferson Parish School System in Harvey, Louisiana.  In addition to serving as a principal, Aretha has also served as federal programs and school improvement instructional coordinator, reading recovery/literacy facilitator, and master teacher.

B.J. Granbery

BJ has collaborated with numerous programs over the years to ensure effective literacy instruction for students.  As a former reading teacher, BJ advocates for evidence-based best practices and strategies that lead to increased academic achievement.