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Literacy Draws Upon Art

This session helps educators explore how art and literacy are intrinsically linked. We analyze the written and visual literacy parallels and align the Common Core and new Visual Art Standards. Viewers will explore children’s book illustrations, observing what and how the artists drew, collaboratively finding visual clues that give insights into the characters and plots. The Art Elements and Principles of Design helps viewers read illustrations for meaning and create art that communicates. Art inspires children to express themselves with vivid vocabulary, compelling characters, stunning scenes, and dramatic plots. As viewers become immersed in this creative process, they’ll be inspired to bring these insights to their schools.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Cheri Sterman

Cheri helps educators understand creativity and build school-wide creative capacity. She translates research and best practices into professional development resources. Cheri presented this Literacy session at the US Dept of Education, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, to help education leaders see the links between visual literacy and written literacy.

Kelly Schofield

Kelly, as Principal of Hanawalt Elementary, is passionate about building 21st Century Skills throughout her Learning Community. She prefers the job title, “Lead Learner,” since that title acknowledges the importance of all educators being part of a professional learning community and serving as Life-Long Learner role models. Kelly has previously lead her school to exemplary status with Intel, the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, and as a Crayola Champion Creatively Alive grant winner. Literacy comes alive in her school, using art to enrich each of the Language Arts strands.