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Leadership Matters: Building Principals' Capacity in Title I Schools and Districts

The research is clear: principals make a difference in teacher and student success. So, what leadership development practices should be in place to assure that principals and aspiring principals in Title I districts and schools reach their full leadership potential so that students benefit? How can we assure that principal leadership development becomes the catalyst for impacting overall school improvement measures? How do we approach principal growth and professional learning using strengths-based strategies and practices? In this session, viewers will explore the answers to these questions using the ASCD Principal Leadership Development Framework, the ASCD Principal Continuum of Self-Reflection, and other ASCD leadership development tools successfully used with Title I district partners. Viewers will walk away armed with an increased repertoire of leadership development practices and action steps to use in their districts and schools.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Ann Cunningham-Morris

Ann Cunningham-Morris provides leadership and oversight of all ASCD field-based professional learning implementations. She regularly facilitates sessions worldwide in the areas of effective professional learning, instructional leadership and research-based practices that impact educator capacity for success.