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Interview: National Title I Distinguished School - Benjamin Eaton Elementary School
Diane Eussen and Jocque Korth from National Title I Distinguished School, Benjamin Eaton Elementary School, share their endeavor and discuss their literacy and teamwork success in an ever-growing community. In the words of Principal Eussen: "Change is uncomfortable and inevitable; especially in education. Our staff has learned to approach change by looking at where we want to be at the end and then mapping out the steps that we will need to take to get there. Then we take one step at a time, always progress monitoring to make sure that we are always approaching our big picture or goal. We continue to ask, 'What is best for children' and strive for that." Interviewed by National Title I Association Past President, Bernell Cook: Diane Eussen - Principal Jocque Korth- Teacher
This talk was presented at:
Private Video Recording
February 2018 in Salt Lake City, Utah