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iCommunity: iLearn, iShare, iConnect

This presentation shows how the Title I Office tripled the parent participation from its Fall 2014 iCommunity to the Spring 2015 iCommunity event. iCommunity is a Title I Parent and Technology Conference that provides a new frontier of opportunities intended to assist in building parents' capacity through a variety of workshop/breakout sessions and to deliver student and community resources through hands-on technology activities. iCommunity increases family and community engagement of 21st Century learning opportunities in Title I classrooms. cipants will leave this session with an understanding of how to use student and teacher innovations to engage parents and community.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Meri Robinson

Meri Robinson is a Title I Instructional Technology Specialist for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Meri has over 13 years of experience with developing, implementing and facilitating systemic professional development workshops in computer literacy, computer-assisted instruction and computer software to Principals, teachers, students, and parents. Over the past two years Meri has served as the Project Manager for one of the largest 1:1 mobile device implementations expanding across four middle schools. This implementation has just been awarded the Apple Distinguished Program. As the lead of the project, Meri Robinson is entrusted to ensure a smooth and successful implementation. To successfully bring together a cutting edge, fast changing, continuous evolving technology such as the iPad and an established educational system all ready in progress on such a large scale requires patience, persistence, vision, discipline, dedication, and commitment. Meri has a dynamic, unique leadership style that showcases the creative talents of others and provides an opportunity for them to excel.

Hampton Conway

Hampton Conway is an Instructional Technology Specialist for Prince George's County Schools. He spent 10 years as primary and middle school teacher before going on to be a principal for six years. Hampton is passionate about closing the achievement and opportunity gaps that hinder children's success. He has taken on his current position in order to do just that by having a global impact on administrators, teachers, and students by addressing the "digital divide" and helping them learn to utilize technology efficiently and effectively. Hampton earned his Masters of Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Christina Jerome

Christina Jerome is a Title I Instructional Technology Specialist for Prince George’s County Public Schools. Christina has over 10 years of experience as a math and science educator within PGCPS. She has a masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction from McDaniel College and earned her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from University of Maryland. As an instructional coach she mentored and supported math and science teachers by planning and facilitating collaborative department meetings, providing observation based feedback on lesson design, delivery and assessment. Mrs. Jerome advanced the use of data analysis through continuous conversations and professional development which resulted in instructional based decision making.

Terri Jefferson

Terri Jefferson is a Title I Instructional Technology Specialist in the Department of State and Federal Programs in Prince George’s County Public Schools. As a former technology teacher for more than 20 years, she is passionate about education and getting teachers and students excited about integrating technology into the daily curriculum. Terri has worked with teachers in all grade levels teaching them to use technology to engage students to be active learners. Her responsibility in PGCPS includes supporting technology integration in Title I schools. Terri manages the interactive technology program which helps in increasing usage and provides training on using interactive digital tools. She has conducted workshops and trainings on technology integration at the local, state, and national level. Terri is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Maryland, College Park.

Valerie Young

Over 35 years of service to Prince George's County Public Schools. Oversees the inventory and management of over 22,000 Title I Technology equipment for 80 Title I Schools.