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Ensuring Effective Interventions for All Students

The Rutherford County School system remains committed to ensuring all students are provided with timely, direct, and assessment-driven interventions to improve student success. In this session, we detail our systematic approach of blending the workings of the PLC with an effective RTI framework. We focus on laying out the essential components of an effective plan and clarify the roles and responsibilities of all faculty members to ensure a successful program that is clear to all stakeholders. This plan to ensure all students receive effective intervention was implemented in ten Title I funded schools and led to these schools outperforming the non-Title 1 schools in the same district in gap closures by 39 percentage points.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Amy Wise

Guided Title I schools in piloting RTI by providing professional development for academic coaches to become leaders for classroom teachers and interventionist for students at-risk of failing grade level standards. This process included professional development for co-curricular teachers to be an integral part of the RTI framework.

Trey Duke

District Coordinator of RTI, former principal of a state-recognized and award winning, Title 1 school, that successfully implemented an RTI program.