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Cultivate Articulate, Adept, Analytical Writers at Every Grade!

Writing across the curriculum is not an option; it is a necessity, especially for students who are working to overcome academic challenges and deficits. This session covers the following:
1. Highlights the importance of writing becoming an integral aspect of every classroom
2. Examines the most important components of a writing-focused school culture
3. Provides tips and techniques to demonstrate how every teacher can become a writing teacher
4. Shows what is possible through sharing success stories and student samples in a dynamic presentation with points for group discussion and engaging activities
Learn how to make writing relevant and doable for every teacher and student preK-12th grade by building a school-wide culture that cultivates articulate, adept, analytical writers. By watching this session you’ll learn some of our best tips and strategies to help students make impressive gains in writing from day one of the school year. 

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Amber Parks

Amber Parks is a writing teacher on a mission. When she created Writing with Design, the most comprehensive and Common Core aligned writing program available for preK-12th grade schools, she set out to transform the caliber of writing in classrooms across the country. Amber first learned the power of writing on the other side of the desk, as a student. She won highly competitive state and national essay competitions and scholarships throughout her high school and college career. As a result, she attended Vanderbilt University fully on scholarship, with nearly $250,000 in scholarship winnings. She went on to receive a Master of Education from the University of Oklahoma. Amber taught in Spain and South Africa, Mississippi and Oklahoma. Writing with Design is a research-based, developmental program that creates extraordinary student writers and teachers who are empowered to teach writing. This revolutionary approach was created by combining best practices from classroom application along with input and feedback from teachers and students across the country. The program’s effectiveness has been proven in local, state, and national assessment results. Writing with Design teaches the steps, structures, and stylistic components of writing to allow all teachers to meet students where they are and strategically improve their writing skills.