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Circle the Wagons: Blending Technology Into the Reading and Writing Classroom

Blended learning has been popular in the math and science classroom for a few years, but the English classes have lagged behind in adapting lessons, with test scores showing this. Our session is about creating a team of educators who are able to create a highly effective reading and writing blended learning classroom. This presentation promotes the use of technology in an English class. Our three presenters are all English teachers with 1:1 technology and a combined 12 years crafting a working blended learning teaching approach in both college and high school classes. This session covers how to address student and teacher mindsets, acquire the resources needed, and stay on track. It also covers administrative and teacher protocols and strategies for the integration of software, either free or low cost, into the design of a blended learning reading and writing class.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Katie Wilson

Katie Wilson is in her 3rd year teaching both high school and collegiate English classes. She has taught 1:1 technology in an ELAR classroom with Apple iPads. Partnering with the local community college, she piloted the use of a new online learning management system with her dual credit courses. Mrs. Wilson was awarded the High School Technology Teacher of the Year award in 2015, after her first semester to use 1:1 technology in her classroom, and she has taught multiple staff learning sessions at campus-level relating to using technology.

Jo Rohde

She has taught Dallas ISD's first blended learning English class. She has had national studies conducted on her teaching methods. She is part of Harvard's Teacher Leadership Academy, specializing in Universal Design Learning. She leads professional development for her school and district, and has had a part in changing technology-specific district policies. She is the teacher ambassador for D Magazine, was teacher of the year in 2012, coaches the Debate team, and teaches AP English III and IV. Ms. Rohde was awarded the designation of distinguished teacher for her district and is in her 7th year of teaching.

Jeremy Horstman

Jeremy Horstman has 1:1 technology in an ELAR classroom with Google Chromebooks. He is skilled with implementing personalized learning software at a campus level. He has used Google apps for education. His student's have answered over 150,000 questions on NoRedInk.Through vocabulary.com, his students have accumulated over 2,555,000 points.He has presented multiple blended learning sessions at a campus level.