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A Partnership in Literacy for English Language Learners and Early Transition

Braeburn Elementary and Neuhaus Education Center, a non-profit located in Houston, Texas, partnered to meet the mission of developing and implementing an intensive English program using Neuhaus as the framework to teach ELLs how to read and write. Using school-level data to determine which students would benefit from an early transition, Braeburn is "on their way" to solidifying the early transition process. The partnership included the use of research-based literacy practices, instructional support for the teachers through coaching and campus leadership oversight. Hear about the framework and the plan for sustainability. The goal of an early transition provides students with the instructional experiences needed in the English language to successfully demonstrate proficiency in the various academic state assessments that determine student achievement.

This talk was presented at:
National Title I Conference
January 2016 in Houston, Texas
Amanda Rodgers

Amanda taught second grade to ESL students at Neff Elementary in the Sharpstown area for six years. Through this work she has found a passion for working with ESL students, helping them develop a strong foundation in how the English language works, rather than a superficial control of conversational English. When she moved to Braeburn two years ago, she began working with Neuhaus to create tailored ESL instruction geared toward best preparing Braeburn's students for early transition from bilingual to English instruction.

Rosie Santana

Rosie Santana has worked with ELLs in the classroom as well as in her role as a district English Language Arts Coordinator. She has trained teachers in the greater Houston area who have engaged in the Neuhaus Education Center trainings that teach instructional strategies for the successful transition into English.

Norma Sosa

Norma is a former bilingual teacher for eight years. She was a small group pull out teacher for all ELL students and now currently works as teacher specialists working directly with the ELL population.