How do I sign up to host sessions at the National Title I Conference?

Being a session host is a very important job—you have opportunity to be the "face" of the Association.  We have invited the nation to our conference.  It is our responsibility (and honor) to be good hosts.

You can sign-up to be a Session Host by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Select Sessions to Host

  • Log in to your account at www.titlei.org. (Logging in is required.) 
  • Go to your account Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to Presentations.
  • Use the green View Sessions Needing a Host link for a list of available sessions.
  • Click on the title of a session you plan to attend and would like to introduce.
  • Click the green Introduce this Session button at the end of the session description to volunteer to host that session.
  • Be certain to ONLY click the Introduce this Session button if you agree to serve as the Session Host - clicking this button commits you for that session and it cannot be "unselected." It's best to host just one session per day to avoid overlapping responsibilities.

Step 2: Download Your Introduction

  • When you're ready to download the introduction, visit your account Dashboard.
  • Scroll down to Presentations.
  • Next to My Introductions, click the green link(s) to Download introduction.