What are the conference EXHIBITOR policies?

All exhibiting companies agree to be bound by the official terms and conditions.

Exhibit Space Assignment

  • Exhibiting companies select their own exhibit space on a first come, first served basis. 

  • Early selection is offered to companies exhibiting at the prior year National Title I Conference and exhibit space selection is available to all other companies 30 days later. 

  • Companies packing or moving out of their booth space prior to the official close of the show are not eligible for early booth selection.

  • Show Management reserves the right and sole discretion to alter the exhibit hall floor plan at any time in the best interest of the Conference.

Booth Configuration

  • All Exhibit Hall booths are 10' x 10' in size.

  • Multiple 10’ x 10’ booths may be combined, but booth direction may not be changed.

  • Endcaps are not permitted.

Payment Details

  • All exhibit spaces and sponsorship items are purchased online.

  • Items may be paid for at the time of selection or held for a maximum of 10 days pending payment.

  • All major credit cards are accepted through your online account including: American Express, Discover, Visa, and Mastercard.

  • If you prefer to pay by check, please download and follow the Official Check Payment Instructions

  • These instructions must be followed exactly or your check will be returned and items reserved will no longer be held for you.

Insurance Requirement

  • All exhibitors are required to maintain, for the dates of the exhibition, a commercial general liability policy with a minimum combined single limit for personal injury and property damage of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence and $2,000,000.00 in the aggregate.

  • Insurance document must list each of the following three entities WITH addresses as additionally insured:

1. National Title I Association
532 N. Franklin Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
(must include address)

2. Magnolia Hospitality Group, Inc.
dba A+ Events
532 N. Franklin Street
Fort Bragg, CA 95437
(must include address)

3. Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority
One Convention Center Place
1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2299
(must include address)

  • Each exhibitor agrees to upload a certificate of insurance confirming such coverage to their account Dashboard prior to January 2, 2018.

  • No exhibitor will be allowed to set up their space without approved insurance documentation on file and no refunds will be given. 

Exhibitor Space and Sponsorship Cancellations

  • The National Title I Association cancellation policy is incorporated in the overall exhibiting terms and conditions.

  • Ensure that you have read all terms, as they apply to all conference-related purchases. No exceptions are made.

  • All exhibitor cancellations must be made using this official Exhibitor Cancellation Form and no refunds are available after the 7-day buyer's remorse period.

Exhibitor Space and Sponsorship Refunds

  • All exhibit spaces and sponsorship items carry a 7-day buyer's remorse clause that permits a full refund if the written cancellation request (using this official Exhibitor Cancellation Form) is received for the exhibit space or sponsorship item within 7 days of purchase. 

  • After the 7-day period, these items are nonrefundable.

Associated Exhibitor Events

  • All activities scheduled outside the exhibit area, including meetings, special events, sales presentations, social hours, and/or receptions planned for any Conference attendees, must occur outside of Conference hours and must be approved in advance by Show Management.

  • Any such activities not approved and/or conflicting with the Conference schedule as determined by Show Management will be in direct violation of the exhibitor terms and conditions and may result in loss of exhibit privileges or other penalties.

  • For official approval, please fill out the Associated Exhibitor Request form. We will review the request and contact you within two business days.  

Exhibitor Hotel Reservations

  • All confirmed exhibiting companies can make hotel reservations for staff members who will be attending the conference.

  • Book rooms via your company account Dashboard and identify staff names when they are available.

  • Please remember that all hotel room purchases are subject to the cancellation and refund policy without exception.

  • All staff room reservations must include the name of the individual who will be using them by January 17, 2018 or risk cancellation.

Exhibitor Hotel Cancellations & Adjustments

  • Refunds are granted for exhibitor hotel reservations, based on the following sliding sale: 

        Cancellation Received                             
Amount Refunded
        Within 7 days of purchase                          100% Refund - Buyer's Remorse
        May - September                                        90% Refund
        October - November                                   75% Refund
        December                                                   50% Refund
        January - February                                     No Refund

  • Changes to existing exhibitor hotel reservations may be requested by submitting the Exhibitor Hotel Adjustment Form. 

  • All exhibitor hotel cancellations must be made using this official Exhibitor Cancellation Form.

  • Please note that cancellations are deemed eligible for a refund based on the date the cancellation form is submitted. Phone calls and emails are not acceptable forms of notification.

Exhibitor Schedule


  • Move-in operations may only occur during the established move-in schedule.

  • Exhibiting companies not occupying designated space or not moving into the exhibit space during the designated move-in hours may have their participation cancelled by Show Management, and such space may be reassigned for the overall benefit of the Conference without refund to the original exhibiting company.


  • Any removal, tear down, or packing of items prior to the Conference scheduled move-out time will jeopardize the Exhibitor’s participation in future events.

  • No goods may be removed from the building until all bills incurred by the Exhibitor are paid in full.


  • Any company that fails to abide by these Terms and Conditions may be dismissed from Conference participation and may jeopardize the exhibiting company’s participation in future events.

  • Show Management has the right to enforce all Terms and Conditions at Exhibitor’s expense. 

  • If Exhibitor defaults in the performance of any terms or conditions (inclusive of payment of fees, maintenance of insurance, and compliance with any and all rules and requirements), Show Management, at its option, may immediately terminate exhibitor participation. Upon such termination, Exhibitor’s rights and privileges for this event shall terminate, and Show Management shall have the right to take possession of the space occupied by the Exhibitor and to remove all persons and goods, without any liability.