How do I purchase a COMPANY booth and sponsorship for the conference?

Purchase exhibit booths and sponsorships through your company dashboard by following these steps:

Log on to your account at titlei.org and toggle to your Company Dashboard.
2. Under Events & Sponsorships, select the 2018 Title I Conference link.  Here you will see how to purchase exhibit booths and sponsorships, upload insurance documents and purchase hotel reservations. You can also download the exhibitor prospectus and visit the event website by clicking on the appropriate button.

To select a booth on the exhibit floor:
Click the Purchase a Booth button under Exhibit Booths.
2. Under Booths, click on the green Open Booth Picker button.
3. This will take you to a map of the exhibit floor. Booths in red have already been selected; booths in green are available for purchase. Hover over an open booth to see the price, booth number and description. 
4. When you are ready to make your selection, hover over the booth of your choice and click on the green select button. 
5. Save the selection to your cart.
[NOTE: You can purchase more than one booth by repeating the process. Multiple 10x10 booths may be combined, but booth direction may not be changed. "Endcaps" are not permitted.]

All exhibiting companies must provide proof of insurance as outlined in the Exhibitor terms and conditions. To upload insurance documents:

1. Select the Upload Documents tab under Insurance.
2. Choose your files to upload.
3. Select the green Submit button.
[NOTE: You can purchase insurance through your regular carrier, or through Insurance 4 Exhibitors. To purchase from Insurance 4 Exhibitors, refer to the forms in the Exhibitor Kit. Register at www.insurance4exhibitors.com to get an immediate certificate.]

To purchase a sponsorship:

1. Click the Purchase Sponsorship button under Sponsorships.
2. Select the checkbox next to the item you want to purchase. 
3. The selection will be saved to your cart.  

To purchase a hotel reservation:

1.  the Purchase Reservation button.
2. Enter your check-in and check-out dates to find available hotels for your stay. [NOTE: You must select a booth or sponsorship option before selecting a hotel reservation.]